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April CID SWAY Reporting

  1. Peachtree Boulevard Gateway & Intersection Realignment
  • Description: Peachtree Boulevard (SR 141) is a busy state route and a major gateway into both Chamblee and Doraville. The project will realign the intersection at Peachtree Blvd, North Shallowford Rd, and Peachtree Rd. Improvements may also provide the connection point for a future regional trail system. The result will be a more efficient, safe, and connected corridor for motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists.
  • Status: The project was awarded $2,076,000 in grants through the Atlanta Regional Commission’s (ARC’s) Transportation Improvement Program(TIP). Of that amount, 80% is the federal share ($1,584,000) and 20% is the local match from the CID ($492,000). Chamblee will begin design work once agreements for the federal funds are in place.

  1. East- West Railroad Crossing:
  • Description: The area’s rich transportation infrastructure also presents one of its greatest challenges; crossing the Norfolk Southern and MARTA railroad tracks. With limited ways to cross these tracks, community growth on both sides of the tracks faces issues. The proposed effort seeks to identify a new multimodal east-west crossing that will help reconnect the community. The need for east-west connectivity is further heightened by impending traffic from the future Express Lanes. The effort will identify a new crossing and determine if should be a bridge or a tunnel.
  • Status: The project was awarded a $500,000 grant through the Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) program. Of that amount, 80% is the federal share ($400,000) and 20% is the local match from the CID ($100,000). The award enables the community to perform a Feasibility Study and Alternative Analysis and to prepare a draft Concept Report for the preferred connection. The RFP has been developed and will be issued once the federal contracts are in place.

  1. Pedestrian Enhancements Along Peachtree Boulevard:
  • Description: The CID identified points along Peachtree Boulevard in need of pedestrian features such as crosswalk extensions, refuge islands, and sidewalk in-fill. Combined, the cluster of improvements will create a safer environment for pedestrians.
  • Status: The CID submitted two funding application packages to GDOT; one for the remaining FY23 Quick Response Program funds and the other for the program’s next fiscal year (FY24). If approved, the projects would advance to construction in 2023. The packages included a total of eight segments along Peachtree Blvd totaling $844,000. Of that amount, $540,600 is requested from GDOT with the $303,300 balance committed from Chamblee to pay for upgraded materials. An update will be provided at the Board meeting.

  1. Shallowford Road Enhancements:
  • Description: This project seeks to provide multimodal, environmentally sensitive roadway improvements for a corridor connecting Buford Highway to the Doraville MARTA station. Enhancements may include a cycle track, sidewalks, landscaping, pedestrian lighting and crossing signals. Along with commercial activity, the corridor includes an elementary school with about 700 students.
  • Status: The project was awarded $603,151 in grants through the TIP. Of that amount, 80% is the federal share ($482,521) and 20% is the local match from Doraville ($120,630). Doraville will advance the project into design once funding agreements are in place.

  1. Top End Express Lanes
  • Description: GDOT is building tolled express lanes (aka Managed Lanes) throughout the region’s interstate network. The CID is an interested partner in Top End I-285 as these investments will have a 50+ year impact on the community. Otherwise known as GDOT’s Major Mobility Investment Program (MMIP), the effort has produced preliminary designs with some segments advancing to construction in the next couple of years. Parallel to that, the CID is working with neighboring communities along the Top End to advance transit, likely Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), within the express lanes. The group, known as the Top End Committee, secured $16.2m in funding to advance the effort to Phase 3, or 20% design.

**ALL images and reporting come directly from the CID SWAY report**

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